Why Signs Matter?

Do you have a acclaimed or favored business?

Maybe your a new business trying to build clientele.

A crucial part of your business is appearance and appearance is done with your business sign. This is must use form of communication to quickly and cost-effectively communicate your offering to a potential customer.

When you work with Walnut Creek Sign Company, the need for other forms of advertising is greatly reduced!

First Impression is Everything

A business with no sign is a sign of no business.  It is  important that your first impression for customers is  consistent and easily identifiable.  Some small business do not put a great deal of thought in to their signs, logo and over all three point elevator pitch.

The three point elevator pitch – As a business manager or owner you have a very short period of time to communicate to your clients your services and what separates you a part.  It is critical this is done in the Three Point Elevator Pitch on all your signs.  Typically signs are seen while people are driving to a location, finding a location or arriving at a location.  This is a great window of opportunity to sell your business!

Boosts Sales with Signs

Your sign is like a robot.  A one time investment that now stands at the corner telling people about your business.  This can be done through sidewalk signs, spinning arrows and much more.  Either way you will want to adhere to the Three Point Elevator Sales Pitch on all your signs.

In a study conducted by the University of San Diego School of Business Administration, it is a business owner’s signage, not improvements, word of mouth or other forms of advertising, that is responsible for attracting new walk-in customers.

Design and Message

You must be seen if you want to drive traffic to your business and boost sales.

Be sure you exterior signage should is bold, no is not the time to be shy!

A clear message easy to read from a distance, is a ideal exterior sign.  If you are trying to fit too much detail on a sign it will not allow the reader to have a singular focus.  Which you do want them to have, the singular focus is your business.  Not every single offering under the sun, just your business. This means your signs need to memorable, consistent, and your sign should carry your logo or favicon.


Regulations and Permits

Leave it to the professionals.  When creating your cusom sign be sure to work with professionals to ensure meeting all city regulations and permitting.  As much as you may want the biggest sign possible, sign placement is subject to local regulations and permitting.


  • Sign Planning to Submit to City
  • Permit Assist
  • Design
  • Fabrication